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Meet the Photographer

I am an independent Freelance Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Illustrator. I truly believe the best lesson I learned outside the classroom was from my Grandmother which is the importance of treating others how you would want to be treated. This is also known as the golden rule and it can be found in many cultures. Any teaching that is so prolific has to have a great deal of merit. It's really important to have this lesson because I meet someone I could be meeting a potential new friend or associate every time I meet someone.

I was born and raised in Chicago. So the reason why I had moved to Wisconsin is to be with my fiancée. I'm still ain't no cheesehead and the Bears are my religion. I still proudly rep the reign of Michael Jordan (rightfully so). All Chicagoan knows you’d never dare put ketchup on your hotdog. I know the traffic can be a nightmare, but it's like a baby ride up in Wisconsin. 


I transfer from The Institute of Illinois- Schaumburg to Milwaukee Area Technical College to finish my degree. I am a hardworking person who has developed a strong passion for photography, graphic design, illustration, and the arts. Completing this website I feel like my dreams are finally at hand and I can't wait to strike out into the professional world of graphic design. 

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